Pleasure drive at Logan Farm Evandale. 2015 D'Attelage De Tradition 2015 D'Attelage De Tradition 2015 D'Attelage De Tradition

Below are some fact sheets collected from the internet.  As with anything, common-sense is required.  Do not take everything written as gospel and use your own intuition.  If in doubt, seek expert advise from a qualified person.  These sheets are intended as a starting point only and the reader takes full responsibility.

Ok, now the disclaimer is out of the way .... here are the links ....


Laminitis - What is it and what can I do

Colic in Horses : Causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

New strategies in worm control

A guide to gut sounds in horses

Fire Fact Sheet

Fire Alert - Keeping your horse safe - Dr John Kohnke

Horses in bushfires


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