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 2017 ACDS National CDE Survey


The Survey has been compiled by the Federal CDE Committee and distribution to members has been endorsed by ACDS

The purpose of the Survey is to gather information from our driving community to enable the ACDS CDE Committee to formulate recommendations for the improvement of the ACDS Rules for CDE which are currently under review.

The Survey can only be filled in once from the device you open it in.

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Tasmanian Horse Drawn Vehicle Foundation's Yahoo! group

Australian Carriage Driving Society's website

Australian Carriage Driving Society's Journal



THDVF Membership application form
ACDS AA dressage flow diagram
ACDS AA dressage test sheet
ACDS BB dressage flow diagram
ACDS BB dressage test sheet
ACDS CC dressage flow diagram
ACDS CC dressage test sheet
ACDS Driven Dressage Manual
THDVF Duty Of Care & Risk Management Guidelines
Phil Marshall Training Day Entry Form.



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