Pleasure drive at Logan Farm Evandale. 2015 D'Attelage De Tradition 2015 D'Attelage De Tradition 2015 D'Attelage De Tradition

Formed in 2005, the Tasmanian Horse Drawn Vehicle Foundation is Tasmania's largest group of enthusiasts dedicated to the collection, preservation, display and use of horse drawn vehicles in Tasmania.  We regularly hold horse-drawn vehicle drives.  Restoration and vehicle conservation are also important roles the Foundation undertakes.  We are a not-for-profit organisation with any monies raised used in the purchase of restoration material used in the museum displays. 

Training Days.We hold training days at Edinburgh Park Gravelly Beach (click here for a Google map and directions).  Beginners to advanced welcome as are spectators.  Bring a cut lunch and something to drink and enjoy the day.

The Museum.

** UPDATE **

The museum is presently in a state of flux - we are negotiating for a new home and will post details as soon as they are finalised - however, rest assured, we will find a place for them where all can some rare and some not so rare modes of transport from yesteryear.


Up until recently, the museum was at Entally Lodge (the old Rutherglen) 

  We were in some mighty fine company!

Our objectives:
- the collection, preservation, display and use of horse drawn vehicles
- to use, maintain and pass on the skills of the carriage building trades eg. wheelwrighting, timber bending, upholstery and painting of the framework.
Members of the foundation have experience and expertise in a number of areas including vehicle identification, conservation and restoration.

Today - Participation
participation and inclusion is encouraged in the thdvf.
activities include:
pleasure driving
harness training days
showing in harness
period displays and drives
competition events include:
obstacle driving (cones)

Tomorrow - Encouraging
whether you are a complete beginner in harness driving or a more experienced  driver, you are welcomed and encouraged.

regular training and instructional days are held covering, driving, showing, restoration, and competition activities.

through its affiliation with the ACDS there are also activities and opportunities for junior drivers.



Joining the Tasmanian Horse Drawn Vehicle Foundation Inc. has many advantages.

  • A monthly newsletter keeps you informed of whats happening around the state.
  • Pleasure driving days out in the country.
  • Training days at Edinburgh Park Gravelly Beach
  • Friendship with other like-minded equestrian people
  • Access to our Yahoo! group
  • Being affiliated with the Australian Carriage Driving Society gives:
  • 24/7 Public Liability and 24/7 Personal Accident Insurance
  • National quarterly magazine
  • National club activities and newsletters 


You can download a membership form on our LINKS page, or contact us via the on-line form and someone will contact you shortly.


2017-2018 Officer Bearers.

President - David Potter.

Vice President - Norma Potter.

Secretary - Susan Prewer.   

Treasurer - Lee Ann Hill.    


Club Representative to State body -  Susan Prewer.

News Editor - Saskia Rietvelt.

Publicity/Web Presence - David Potter.

Committee Members - Suzanne MacDonald, Michael MacDonald.


Club delegates to State Branch.

Susan Prewer – Club Rep to State

Saskia Rietveld – Junior development

Michael MacDonald - Historical

Publicity Officer - David Potter


Duty of Care Statement.

Please click <here> to download our Duty of Care & Risk Management Guidelines - you must agree to this !

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