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D’Attelage de Tradition

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 What is it?

D’Attelage de Tradition translates into Traditional Driving. It is a popular event/competition held in Europe, especially in France. The venue is usually associated with an historic residence or chateau.  This year it will be held in the historic grounds of Clarendon House Nile (just past Evandale) on Sunday 29th November.

 Generally the competition is open to drivers using original traditional vehicles (modern vehicles, built using traditional methods and materials are allowed, but penalized), with the object of maintaining the art of traditional driving, to develop its image and help the lovers of this sport to improve their skills.


The Tasmanian Horse Drawn Vehicle Foundation is the first and only club in Australia to hold this event and is about to hold its 4th.  The planning and organization is quite extraordinary and you would be well advised to arrive early to see all the outfits going through their paces.  Admission is free and refreshments are available from the cafe within Clarendon.  You might like to bring a picnic lunch and something to sit on.

The Competition

This is divided into three components.

1.    Presentation

2.    Road/Track Drive, including a number of tests of skill - tasks

3.    Cones


Presentation – this is judged by at least two judges along the lines of a turnout class in showing. There are marks awarded for the Overall Impression, Horses/Ponies, Harness, Vehicle, Driver and grooms/passengers (if applicable). There is a total of 180 points for this section, so in some respects it is the most important phase of the competition.


Road Drive – this is over a distance of between 12 – 17 km in Europe and conducted in a similar fashion to a CDE section A with an optimum time and penalties incurred for being under or over that time.

Included in this section are between 3 – 5 ‘tasks’. Examples of these tasks are: traversing a piece of carpet on the ground; performing a one handed circle; reversing into a marked space (simulating reversing into a garage); passing next to a pen of livestock while remaining within a marked corridor. Not attempting/failing the task incurs 20 penalties, partially completing the task incurs 10 penalties and completing the task incurs 0 penalties.


Cones – this is similar to CDE cones. Vehicles are measured and the cones set 30cm wider than the wheel width. Each ball knocked down incurs 5 penalties, passing through a gate twice incurs 5 penalties etc.


The winner of the competition is the turnout with the least amount of penalties.





Judging Presentation




Road and Track



A visit to the website – may well pique your interest and provide more of an insight into this event.


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